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So I really haven't posted anything on here in such a while. Gosh. I haven't really had anything of note to say eek!

What has happened? Well, I have had the dreaded flu type virus thats going around ah Freshers Flu...thought I'd missed you this year. I had last week off work for annual leave and was sick though the whole week grr.

Taking another Kickboxing class so now training twice a week and boyfriend has just done his black belt grading and is awaiting his results. Fingers crossed! I recently did my Purple Belt grading!

Saw Lucy Rose at the weekend in Nottingham, and the gig was fab. Boyfriend thinks she is great and to be honest she is that cute even I have a crush on her now!

Went out for my little brother's 30th birthday meal on Friday and was such a good night.

Thats really all I can think of that has happened, sadly... just recently I seem to just be vegging on the couch if I'm not training. So I really need to get my energy levels up and get rid of any more bugs!


Still here!

So I'm still here, but I feel like I've gone a bit awol lately! So sorry if I've not commented on anything lately. I have been reading people's lj's as much as I can, but usually its on the bus home from work. This month is our busiest time of year at work, and I have been doing longer hours. I work in a uni and its Clearing time!

Also I have become a little bit addicted to another TV show. Anyone else watch Pretty Little Liars? I'm so loving it right now! I'm halfway through Season 2. 1 and 2 are both available on Tivo so I'm watching them whenever I can one after another! I have heard there is a Season 3 woop. Kind of tempted to get the books too.

So what else has happened?

hmm, I had my birthday and got some GHD's and a Kindle from my boyfriend yay, and some money, a book from my brother called The Games, by Ted Kosmatka which is awesome. I have just finished it today, and a CD for running. We went out for a meal to a local Indian restaurant that I love, and we also went for another meal with my parents to a local Thai restaurant. Also went to see Batman which was fantastic.

One of my auntie's died recently from cancer. I felt awful as I didn't really see her much but I didn't realise it was at that stage. Her funeral was a couple of weeks ago and was a nice service. Spent the whole day with my family which was nice.

Thats about it really...

Can't wait for the new term to start at work as then there will be more gym classes starting up which will be exciting.

Am applying for 2 more jobs at uni, one in student support and one in LLR called Learning and Teaching Officer organising welcome week activities and study support for students so we will see how that goes.



Early, too early!

Wow well I'm in work so early today! The torch relay for the Olymics is in Nottingham today and yesterday so the roads are shut from 7.30 this morning. So I got up at 5.30 to get in here so I was in town by 7am. Argh! Got crumpets and had a banana fro brekkie when I got in and a Costa Skinny Latte yum!

So am feeling wide awake and energised. WAtch this space for later when I crash.
Strangely enough I have been really hyper this week at work everyone keeps laughing at me. Well not at me per se... lol.

Am looking forward to Sunday, I have joined a new Meetup group to meet some new people. Its called Nottingham Lovely Ladies Meetup group and we are having our first metup on Sunday night at the Orange Tree in town. Can't wait. Will be good to make some new friends.

I passed my Blue belt grading at Kickboxing yay! Go me. So now am feeling good about training though I want to try a new type of exercise. Maybe another kickboxing class though with a different teacher otherwise the class will be the same and will get boring, or another type of martial art, though I don't fancy being chucked over people's shoulders, though I'd love to fight with weapons. I've tried Nunchucks (propbably spelt completely wrong but I can't be bothered to google it!) Would be ace to fight with sticks like Teyla. Still not sure about Zumba as its too similar to Dancing though ther is a cheap class on over the summer at work. £1 per session. So I guess whilst it is cheap at least its some exercise. I have lost all motivation to run, so if anyone wants to inspire me to get back into it and give reasons why I should run, feel free! It will be good to get into it and enjoy it as its free and easy.. (though at the moment with all my hayfever? I'll have to figure out a way round that)

So yeah, motivational tips and/or ideas of other forms of exercise not connected to dance would be welcome *g*


Awesome article.

Great article in The Independent that my brother told me about. Yes we have some great role models in sci-fi film and television, like Ripley, Sarah Connor, Sam Carter, Laura Roslin, and even maybe Starbuck, but we need more!

Girls need to follow these sorts of strong, independent, intelligent women, not idiots like Jordan, Rihanna and Katy Perry etc.

Read this its great:


May. 18th, 2012

Another thing I have stolen shamelessly from jennickels today...I have been really busy cleaning and ironing honest hehe...

one. post a picture of yourself:

Its not very recent, and I had my hair cut off after this and its slowly growing back. Its now a little longer than this and I can't wait til its past my shoulders. I think this was taken a couple of christmasses ago. I'm next to my boyfriend but I needed a cropped one just of me for a bus pass I think so sadly he isn't in the picture...

two. favourite mythical creature:
ooh Dragons!

three. popular series you don’t like:
Twilight ugh. Can't stand Bella, I just think she needs a good slap and told to get over herself! And as for her pining for Edward ew... stand up for yourself luv and be a strong independent woman in your own right instead of wanting a cold, old vampire...I really don't get it. Sorry for any Twilight fans out there eek.

four. an interesting/weird talent:
I don't think I have any...I used to dance, though thats not really a talent as I was never that great at it. I now kickbox...

five. favourite animal:
Dogs, though I also used to have cats and so I love them too.

six. three meaningful objects:
ooh tough one...

seven. biggest fears:
Spiders, wasps, rollercoaster rides and aeroplanes and things that make you feel out of control, yeah being out of control both physically and mentally.

eight. things you like to collect:
When I was younger I used to collect tickets from shows I had been to and kept them all in photo albums all labelled. I still keep alot - gig tickets, theatre tickets some cinema tickets, especially if it was for a special occasion.

I also went through a stage of collecting Abba vinyl, and other vinyl, when I was in my late teens..

nine. a random interesting/weird fact:
about anything?

ten. favourite gaming console:
PS3. I don't play it but we have one and we watch films and tv on it etc. I like to watch my boyfriend playing games on it as the stories are amazing for some of them like the Mass Effect franchise and the Bioshock games, amazing storylines.

I used to watch my dad playing games and some I remember so clearly probably because I was alot younger than I was supposed to be! Like the 7th Guest and 11th Hour for PC. Those memories have stayed with me along with watching him play the Monkey Island games and helping him decide what to do. I was never comfortable playing them myself but loved to sit along side him and I do the same now with my boyfriend!

eleven. top five fictional crushes (TV only):
Jack O'Neill. Oh he can be there for me and protect me anytime *g*. Giles from Buffy Ditto! Dr who - David Tennant. Sirius Black from Harry Potter, oh and Snape too!

twelve. introvert or extrovert:
A bit of both it depends on the situation. More on the introverted side, especially after everything happened with leaving dancing... its taken a while to get confident again.

thirteen. something you want right now:
oh lots of things. warm weather being one of them! To see the sea, which I'll get tomorrow as we are going down to Cornwall tomorrow for a week and I cannot wait. Right by the beach, probably a very cold, rainy beach but never mind!

I pretty happy though right now, there are things I want which aren't so right now such as to see my friends more, especially those who live far away, the Accommodation Adviser job, which sadly I didn't get, though interviewed v well apparently gah. But all in all I'm happy.

fourteen. where you’re from and where you wish you were from:
I'm from a small town called Corby in Northamptonshire, England. Its a steel town, and most of the population are Scots or descended from Scots as people moved there from Scotland to work in the steel works.

(Do kinda wish I was from Canada though and could visit the cons and studios where all the great sci fi shows are made! ssh!)

fifteen. one thing you like and hate about yourself:
I have always hated my skin as I still get acne and it was awful during my teens. I also hate my teeth which are kinda dropping out, not yet but they are hanging on by sheer willpower I think. I have gum disease, apparently genetic according to my dentist. I hopefully will soon be able to afford to get them fixed, thought hat will involve having false teeth and I'm only 31. argh.

I like my eyes though as they are green and a slightly unusual colour.

sixteen. a series you wish would continue:
Sanctuary obviously, and a random one that is pretty unheard of called Outcasts, its amazing. V, Dollhouse oh so many damn you Syfy..

seventeen. screenshot of your desktop:
can't seem to do it right now, but its boring as its windows 7 starter and doesn't allow you to upload your own desktop pic. My work pc is one someone on LJ did of Carter and it is beautiful. If anyone knows who did it, I want to let them know that its gorgeous(I must have their name somewhere, as I must have commented that I was using it at the time but can't find it)

It is of her in Death Knell and it a collage of Carter, hurt but surviving, and says basically to not give up and to keep fighting.

eighteen. favourite flavour of ice-cream:

Chocolate. simple but lovely.

nineteen. a hobby you’d die without:

Reading. I couldn't go without books. TV possibly but books are a definite need.

twenty. a tumblr trend you hate:
I am not on tumblr. Bit of a luddite sadly and I'm still working out KJ after all the years I have been on here *g*

twenty-one. one food you could live off of:

twenty-two. share the other sites you're on:
Facebook, goodreads, twitter. I'm under the same name Misswelles. I also have a sci fi blog at blogspot called Not Just Little Green Men.

twenty-three. one thing you’ll never do in your lifetime:
Jump out of a plane. Scares me to death!

twenty-four. one thing you’ll definitly do in your lifetime:
Lots of things hopefully, I'm only in my early 30's.

twenty-five. biggest pet peeves:
Spitting, rudeness, arrogance, people who don't take responsibility for what they do (more of a work pet peeve).

twenty-six. favourite and least favourite colours:
favorites: green, orange
least favorite: pink, purple, red

twenty-seven. favourite male and female name:
Male: William, Matthew, Daniel
Female: Catherine, Anna,

Not that they will ever get used as I'm never having kids! Could tell you my favourite names I'd like to name my pets...

Jester, or Minstrel, or Fen, but my next dog will definitely be a Jester, unless s/he really doesn't look like a Jester.

twenty-eight. top five celebrity crushes:
Richard Dean Anderson, Ben Browder, Anthony Stewart Head, Alan Rickman - particularly as Snape from Harry Potter wrong but oh that voice!

twenty-nine. one thing that you hate about your favourite series:
I don't hate anything about it

thirty. one celebrity you need to meet:
Amanda Tapping. She is my idol, and have decided that when I grow up I wanna be Sam Carter!!! *g*

thirty-one. top five current obsessions:
Stargate, twitter - Marian Keys is hilarious everyone should follow her, and read her books if you haven't yet, David Hewlett also hilarious and well worth following.. Sam/Jack fics, reading. Clearly not Maths as an obsession as yes thats only 4!

thirty-two. things tumblr/livejournal is keeping you from right now:
Doing more meaningful things...

thirty-three. something you want to do, but are afraid to:
Travel abroad.

thirty-four. series you think has the worst fandom:
I don't know I haven't come across any "bad" fandoms as yet. The Stargate fans are ace and I'd love to meet some of you guys in RL.

thirty-five. childhood interest you still like:
reading. I used to be obsessed with books to the extent of living them out in my life. I read the Enid Blyton Malory Towers series over and over, and called my bedroom a dormatory, and my homework "prep" for ages, and turned a coffee table into a locker in the living room and put all my school books under it and my hockey stick and trainers beside it. God only knows what my parents thought! Then when I read Heidi I made my mum buy lads of uncut proper bakery bread and some nice cheese and insisted on eating that and drinking milk every day for ages...

Thankfully I don't do that now he he but no wonder I didn't have many friends!

Though I do think all kids should be encouraged to use their imagination like that instead of playing computer games constantly.

thirty-six. a talent you wish you had:
flexibility. It would make my kickboxing amazing!

thirty-seven. Answer from jennickels and it still fits: This question was specifically about tumblr so wearestarrdust removed it and I'm not going to bother chasing up the question considering it's tumblr related.

thirty-eight. video game series you’ll never abandon:
Don't really play them.

thirty-nine. a horror movie that scares you.
The Descent, one of the only ones to scare the crap out of me and made me scream in the cinema. So bad for a former Film student who specialised in horror and sci fi lol. If I remember rightly I went with ionaonie and pretty much grabbed her when something on screen made me jump!

forty. things you are highly against.

Bullying in all forms.



Saw this on Jen's journal and decided to take a look...

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Oh my god watching SG1 episode "Tangent" right now whilst doing some work on my laptop...soooooooo mych angst.

Teamy, shippy angsty angst!
Oh LJ how I have neglected you... I shall update properly soon as I'm currently on bus and as I type my phone is making up its own words! X

oh my workmates!...

And I thought I was a bit dumb! I can't remember how the conversation got on to it, but we were talking about Easter, and the different days, and I mentioned Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. Apparently my workmates have never heard of this...the conversation went something like this:
Them: He rode into Jerusalem on a what?!
Me: a donkey.
Them: really? When? On Easter Sunday?
Me: No not when he was dead, no! The week before. That's why its called Palm Sunday.
Them: I thought that was April Fool's Day, that's what my calendar says.
Me: Well, yes it is, but its also Palm Sunday. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, and the crowds gathered on the way in and waved palm leaves.
Them: why?
Me: I can't remember, but he did, then obviously he was crucified, and buried then rose from the dead. That's why we celebrate Easter. I think, if I remember rightly.
Them: Oh. Didn't he part the sea?
Me: No that was Moses! He leads the Israelites and crosses the Red Sea, which is parted for them by God. Then they get to the mountain and he receives the 10 Commandments. Way before Jesus.
Them: Oh, well then who is King Herod, I've heard of him, didn't he want to kill Jesus?
Me: well... yes, and he does play a part in the crucifixion, but its mainly the Roman Pontius Pilate. Didn't you guys ever learn anything about religion?!!

OMG I haven't been in a church in years, except for a wedding a couple of years ago, and I am not really religious or anything, I don't know what I believe in, but even I know the basics...oh dear... there is no hope! hehehe. (I may have got some of the details wrong, but oh well...)

Needless to say our conversations yesterday at work were hilarious. Not all of them about religious holidays obviously, but so funny, and funnier after sugary snacks, and diet coke! Ah Friday feeling, on a thursday, love it.